Convenção FCA

FCA Group

On December 14th, 2019, the Electricity Museum, in Lisbon, was the chosen place for the Annual FCA Convention, with a setting aligned with the brand’s future goals. The dealers’ network and employees participated in the meeting where the corporate goals for 2019 and a summary of the resultes from 2018 were presented.

The event day was divided in two parts: the dealers’ network had its most informal moment during the lunch in SUD’s terrace, while the group’s employees were in the museum at the end of the afternoon, participating in a meeting and enjoying a welcome cocktail in the enigmatic Boiler Room.

The transformation of the Generators’ Room allowed the meeting space to become the dining and bar área. It also held the highlight of the evening – a satire performance about the daily life of na FCA employee, by the Quarteto dos 3 irmãos Pedro e Paulo.

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